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A clean and sparkling working environment is one of the factors that enhances creativity and innovation in an organisation. This is our desire for your organisation and that is why we offer quality, reliable, flexible and affordable office cleaning services.

Our cleaning services are tailored towards your business demands and specific needs.
Our basic offerings include cleaning:
• Offices.
• Computers and accessories.
• Conference facilities.
• Furniture.
• Office machines.
• Bathroom maintenance.
• Emptying of waste bins and general cleaning.

We can do much more depending on your particular requirements.
We consistently create an atmosphere that is highly supportive for effectiveness and efficiency at workplace.

“Since using sparkplus services they have been a delight to me. A brilliant service each time and at a fairly priced amount. d cleaners are professional, courteous and cheerful. They have been very flexible in meeting my needs and leave my house looking spic and span every time they come around for cleaning an outstanding service will definitely recommend your company to my friends”

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