Sparkplus Services Limited has experience in all types of commercial cleaning works ranging from office buildings, healthcare, leisure, and educational facilities to newly constructed buildings, and auto dealership showrooms. We are a professional and reputable organisation with the aim of supporting your business bottom line results by creating a clean, safe and hygienic environment for your staff, clients, customers, and visitors alike.

No matter what type of business you are running, you will want others to see you in the best light possible. Keeping up appearances can lead to more business with a huge positive impact on the reputation and profitability of your organisation.

Hiring a facility manager to specifically look after the day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of your property not only speaks volumes about your business strategy, but about your operating priorities; because, you can put your invaluable time to do what you know how best to do, free up other resources to fully focus on what makes your business successful in delivering its core business and generating bottom line results. This is why our different aspects to commercial cleaning can prove so important and complementary to your existing or developing organizational structure.

If you want to keep your employees productive and feeling up to the task, provide them with a clean, dust-free, germ-free and uncluttered workplace. Our daily scheduled cleanings and/or after work-hour services can eliminate germs and bacteria before they are passed around the office and take entire departments off-line due to viral airborne illnesses. Additionally, an uncluttered and clean environment brings better workplace results, and this has been scientifically proven time and time again. Happy employees do a better job!