If your operations demand a hot desk policy in your call centre, then it is very important that those desks are kept as clean and hygienic as possible to prevent the spread of germs and infection. Subject to the operating shift patterns, many different members of staff will handle the same surfaces over a short space of time. The headsets, keyboards, pens and mice harbour a huge amount of bacteria which makes for an easy way to spread viruses and diseases in a workplace.

Sparkplus can develop a plan to suit your call centre schedule and budget in an efficient and thorough manner based on our responsible cleaning procedures and methodologies.

As call centres are largely a high intensity, high utilisation, dynamic and busy places, our services will complement, not hinder the service your business renders; as such, our offerings broadly cover:

Day Contract Cleaning

Our cleaning operatives are specially selected and trained to work within the call centre environment which is operational 24 hrs per day. We create a clean and hygienic environment that supports your business goal of customers and staff first. We ensure a good indoor air quality and a clean work space to make your staff feel satisfied and also reduce employee time away from work.

Out-of-hour Contract Cleaning

In order to enhance employees’ productivity, hiring Sparkplus who can come out of office hours is essential for call centres. Although our service needs to fit around your busy environment, we will ensure that our high cleaning standards are maintained at all times. We can have a very close working relationship with your business and our staff can be integrated into your team so that our on-site communications are direct and clear, ensuring you are confident that we are working collaboratively.

Deep Cleaning

Generic cleaning services are great but in a fast pace environment such as a call centre it imperative the office is deep cleansed at least once a week. A deep clean will allow the keyboards, screens, desks and touchable surfaces to be cleaned thoroughly to minimise the spread of germs and infection. Deep cleaning the ovens, fridges, sinks, surface areas, toilets and washrooms will allow for a work friendly environment and definitely increase staff satisfaction. It will reduce the spread of germs and infection while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination in the workplace.