Our healthcare cleaning service helps prevent the spread of infection in healthcare facilities across our region in the UK. We provide specialist cleaning services compliant with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We work with growing numbers of healthcare centres including NHS.

All our cleaning operatives are well trained in the prevention of healthcare associated infections and diseases through good practice. We are experienced in cleaning every aspect of healthcare premises, from surgical theatres to general wards. Our cleaning operatives have an excellent working knowledge and understanding of cross-contamination and infection control methodologies within the healthcare environment. Our cleaning operatives are fully conversant in what hazards and risks to look out for and if encountered, how to deal with them.

We use specialist equipment and machinery to deliver our cleaning routines with passion because we believe a sparkle clean healthcare facility can boost patients’ morale, and aide a quicker recovery towards their wellbeing. We can reassure you that not only will your site be very well looked after; it will be cleaned with sensitivity, care and compassion necessary to keep every patient, visitor, and staff safe.

Cleaning specialised areas

Our cleaning operatives are well informed to comply with statutory rules, policies, and procedures governing each healthcare facility. Our operatives are well trained to adopt responsible cleaning procedures for specialized areas in relation to the environment and occupational health. We work with healthcare centres to formulate a customized cleaning solution that responds directly and fully to their unique needs, ensuring the utmost in cleanliness, safety and hygiene for staff, patients, residents, and visitors.

We work with each healthcare centre to identify hazards and risks and categorise areas based on the level of risks including but not limited to:
  • Isolation rooms and ensuite bathrooms
  • Surgical theatres
  • Endoscopy rooms
  • Day procedure rooms
  • General wards
  • Rehabilitation rooms
  • Toilets and Washrooms
  • Receptions and waiting rooms
  • Office areas
  • Public thoroughfares

Waste disposal

Our cleaning operatives are trained in the selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) specific for a safe disposal of all types of waste including:
  • General waste
  • Clinical waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste

Whether you are a specialist in the clinical, medical and dental care, or you work in a laboratory, or an aged-care facility, you can trust that Sparkplus has the skills and experience to meet your stringent cleaning requirements with empathy, social awareness and understanding.