Leisure Centre Cleaning, Gym Cleaning and Health Club Cleaning are important if anyone wants to stay free of germs and disease and be fit to workout at the same time. The centres open daily for people who are interested in: trying different fitness procedures, using exercise equipment and machines, glistening with sweat, moving from machine to machine, but inadvertently leaving sweaty spots behind; so the essence of a comprehensive leisure, gym, and spa cleaning service that is tailored to the needs of these facilities cannot be over-emphasized. The mix of body fats, calcium deposits and specialist flooring demands a greater knowledge of the arts and science of cleaning.

It is fundamentally important to use professional cleaners with the right products and detailed programmes to get the cleaning right.

Our specialist leisure centre cleaning programmes are designed to suit the challenges inherent with each site and cover many critical aspects of cleanliness and hygiene. Our cleaning programmes are developed to ensure users enjoy unparalleled standards of cleanliness and hygiene on these facilities.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive one-off clean for your gym, spa, locker rooms, or other leisure and health club facilities, or would require more regular cleaning routines, Sparkplus can develop a plan to suit your schedule and budget in an efficient and thorough manner based on our proven leisure centre cleaning procedures and methodologies.

Our services for leisure premises cover:

  • Daily Contract Cleaning
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Plant Room Cleaning
  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning

We are local and can adapt these packages to accommodate your individual cleaning requirements include but not limited to:

Lobby and Reception Areas

We give an exceptional attention to the lobby and reception areas of your facility. We use carefully selected odour-control products to give your facility a fresh and clean appearance, without been overly disinfected, allowing your patrons to have an unforgettable mental impression about your facility from the outset.

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms naturally attract a high footfall which presents particular challenges to keeping them spotless and odourless, especially at busy periods. In addition to providing a special attention to these areas that can escape the awareness of other cleaning contractors, our odour-control solution will help to keep the locker rooms brilliantly fresh, spotless, and hygienic.

Sauna Rooms

We provide a regular maintenance of the surfaces in the sauna rooms with natural and non-toxic cleaning solutions, leaving surfaces clean and free from residues.

Gym Equipment

Patrons are confident that you have their personal well-being as an utmost priority in your business when you have Sparkplus Cleaning Services handy to prevent the spread of germs and infection. We offer eco-friendly cleaning solutions to wipe-down gym equipment and sanitise workout surfaces.

Class Studios

We apply suitable bio-based floor cleaning solutions to maintain class studio floors in clean and hygienic conditions, subject to the characteristics of the floor surfaces.

Spa or Hot Tub Cleaning

You may know it is important to keep your spa clean and free of dirt and scales and other contaminants, but you may be wondering how to get the best spa cleaning without having to take on the job yourself. If you love your spa but hate the idea of routine spa cleaning, then let Sparkplus maintain your spa for you!

Whether you just require a minor cleaning that can be taken care of with a mild cleaner and water or if you require a deeper clean and sanitization, we have got you covered. We offer a variety of cleaning solution that may be necessary for your spa cleaning, so that you would not have to deal with it yourself. We want to keep you, your family, guests, and your spa safe, clean and hygienic.

We understand that as good leisure centres, gymnasium, health club, and spa operators, your facilities have particular needs to project a twin-reputation for cleanliness and hygiene in order to continuously attract and retain customers’ patronage. As a business operating in this space, you will be interested in enhancing your customers’ experience and satisfaction, and we are pleased to be helping in achieving your business objectives in these areas.